The Power of Social Media

Just how powerful is social media?

Social media and social networking are proving to be the most powerful forms of communication that we have ever seen. We used to talk about how powerful the internet was, and is. Putting information on-line for millions to see, read and hear. A huge billboard that millions and millions can see when they drive by.  Actually the internet was only effective when you were sitting in front of your computer screen. Then of course the power of cellular technology enabled us to view the internet when we were ‘on-the-go’. But, this wasn’t enough the brains in the ‘valley’, wanted to push it even further. Enter social networking.

Can you imagine, the ability to push information from your cell phone, smartphone, or tablet, to the same millions and millions of people. If the internet connected the world, social networking put this connection into ‘real-time’. With over 5 billion active cell phones and smart phones in the world, (900+ billion in China, 800+ billion in India, 300+ billion in the USA, 23+ billion in Canada), the power of social media is now so relevant that it can help with elections (the late Jack Layton RIP, went from 3rd to 2nd after his team blitzed facebook and twitter) this was good, but it can incite organized activities as well (unfortunately the well-organized uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia proved this).

Talking to the masses in real-time. The term ‘impulse buy’ will need to be redefined. Marketers from Coke, Nike, Hershey, WalMart, Ford, and even your small local Social Media Company, now have a pathway to your eyes, ears, and fingers. Whether you LIKE or FOLLOW, you will now be connected to people from every country of the world, anytime, all the time. Next up… thought technology… no typing required. – OctoberySky

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