Four Often Overlooked Keyword Search Tools

Any SEO firm worth your money knows that it’s not just about creating a website with good content. It’s all about the keywords. Having your site optimized for the right keywords can mean the difference between success and failure. The right keywords get you more website visitors, they get your blog read and they can even turn “hits” into actual customers. So why does it always seem so challenging to choose the right ones? It isn’t. Not if you have the right tools. And Google does. For Free.

So what are these tools that SEO firms like to keep close? Keep reading and I’ll let you in on the secret.

  • Google Insights For Search lets you to gage interest for relevant search terms by allowing you to compare search volume patterns for your keyword across many different criteria. It allows you to filter your keyword by geographic distribution, seasonality, categories and properties. Google Insights can help you understand which keywords or keyword phrases resonate best. For example, an insurance company may be unsure of whether it should highlight cheap quotes or affordable car insurance to market its policies. With Google Insights For Search, it makes it apparent.
  • With Google Trends, you can create charts to show how often words, phrases and topics have been searched for over time. Using Google Trends you can compare up to five keywords or keyword phrases at one time and also see how often those topics have been mentioned in news stories and find out in which geographic regions the topics have been searched for the most. Google Trends also offers a snapshot of top 40 fastest-rising search queries in the United States.
  • An easy but often overlooked tool, Google Suggest is the algorithm Google uses as you start to type words or phrases into the search box. The algorithm predicts search queries in real time based on other users search activities giving you an insight into your audiences search habits. For example, as you start typing car insurance into the search box, Google will offer results like car insurance for woman and car insurance for young drivers, allowing you to develop long tail search strategy that may result in higher conversions for less competitive terms than the top generic search terms.
  • The last tool that can provide enormous insight into keyword optimization is the Tilde sign. The “what?” You may ask. The Tilde sign. It looks like this: ~. What does it do? When you type the ~ sign in the Google search box, along with your search query, it will search for both that word and synonyms of that word. It also searches for the term with alternative endings. A search for the term ~inexpensive, may return the words cheap, affordable, and low cost.

So there you have it. Four often overlooked tools that can help you go from being lost in Cyberia to being found. While keywords are only the beginning of a good SEO strategy, it helps to have those golden keywords when you are creating the foundation on which to build your social media strategy.

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