Turning Off In A 24/7 World

As I sit here writing this blog post, I can already feel the anxiety start to mount. It shouldn’t be this way. Tomorrow I’m off on vacation with my daughters for a few days. We’re going to NYC to shop, eat and see a few plays.  I’m really excited about going so why am I feeling so anxious?  I know it’s because in a few days time, I’ll have only limited time for Internet access.  I break into a cold sweat even thinking about it.

As someone who works in the virtual world, I know that in order to keep the conversation going, there has to be someone to there to talk to.  Those of us in social media learn early on that a “Brand never sleeps.” So how do we, as social media consultants, take time off for ourselves?  Doesn’t every tweet need a response?  Where will our Fans go for engaging content, contests and surveys? Where will they go when we’re not there to connect with them?

It’s a slippery slope to travel but even those of us in the 24/7 world of online marketing need to take some time off for our families and ourselves.  I keep reminding myself that in order to be my best for my clients, I need to take care of myself first.  Don’t the airline attendants tell us to put our own air masks on first and then help others? Yeah, I know.  It sounds good but it still doesn’t squelch the nagging feeling that as soon as I turn my iPhone off, something will get missed, a tweet won’t get answered and a post will be left hanging on our Fan pages.  I guess I’ll just have to learn to compromise.  These are the tips I have come up with for myself:

  • While I will check my e-mail, I’ll limit it to 15 minutes a day.
  • I will not tweet about every museum or restaurant or park I go to.  My followers really don’t need a play by play of what I’m doing.
  • It is okay not to update my Facebook Fan page and other social sites daily.
  • I do not really need to be the mayor of Times Square.
  • I can survive if my Klout score drops a few points.

While I may have a bit of trouble adhering to these tips at first, I know that I need focus on the moment with my girls. I need to find the balance between work and fun (although, really, the line is a bit blurred).  But I know I can do it.  Tomorrow you can find me in New York City.  I’ll be the one taking lots of deep breaths and NOT looking at my smart phone.

3 responses to “Turning Off In A 24/7 World

  1. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. ?

  2. Awesome Article! Quick read and informative.

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