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The Five C’s of Social Media

Social Media Marketing is a funny thing. It’s a relatively new blend of marketing populated by those well versed in traditional marketing tactics along with those who are well versed in the social aspect of media. Throw in those who are flying by the seat of their pants and you have the burgeoning field of social media marketing.  While there are no real hard and fast rules when using social media to marketing your business or product, those who seem to succeed in the field tend to follow some basic, unwritten rules of the trade. And while those who don’t adhere to these rules are not necessarily doomed to fail, being welcomed into the sometimes-fickle arms of your audience is usually easier if you do. There have been many articles and blog written about the 5 C’s of Social Media, I guess it’s my turn to throw in my 2.5 cents:

  • Curiosity: When I started out in this field, I spent most of my days reading everything I could get my hands on.  It was my way of learning, forming opinions, recognizing how much I didn’t know and helping guide me towards what I wanted to know more of.  For anyone who really wants to succeed in Social Media, reading, learning, acquiring information and being curious about everything is a must.  It is through our curiosity that we are able to move forward from novice to expert.
  • Content: (This is really 4 C’s in one) Content is essential to being successful in Social Media. By both Creating and Curating relevant and quality information, you will engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.  Make sharing easy for your audience and share willingly. Work with others to create content (I’ll call it Collaboration and wring another C out of it.)
  • Consistency: In order to build relationships online, engage with your audience and keep them coming back, you need to demonstrate staying power. By being consistent you create visibility, for you and your Brand. No one likes to have a conversation with someone who isn’t there. And that brings me to my next C.
  • Conversation: Success in social media, on any level, is all about the conversation. By listening and engaging with your audience you can truly develop an understanding of what they want and what they need. Use blogs, social networks and forums to join the conversation and don’t forget to Contribute (Oh, Another C!).
  • Character: Being yourself, showing your true character, is probably the most important rule in social media. It means being real, being yourself, being honest and trustworthy. By reaching out and putting your best foot forward, you will earn your audience’s trust and begin to develop a real following.

Social Media Marketing has become a quite power to be reckoned with in a relatively short time. There are those who are successful and those who are not. In my opinion, those who are successful adhere to a basic guiding principle when Cultivating their craft (one more…).  By following these basic guidelines, it is possible to be extremely successful in building your Community (number 11) through Collaboration (12) and Cooperation (Lucky 13).  Phew! I think I got them all.  Can you think of any C’s I missed?


How to Market In The Age Of Web 2.0

I had a meeting with a client the other day and as we sat down to go over what his goals were for getting a social media strategy in place, his response was typical: “I want to get more clients and I want more exposure.”  When I asked him what steps he had taken so far, he replied that he had a website.  Having done my due diligence, I had already taken a look at his website.  While it was aesthetically pleasing, it was clear that he had not paid attention to keywords, meta-tags, calls to action or SEO.  Before I gave him my thoughts, however, I asked him if he was happy with his website.  He told me that while he didn’t really know much about social media and what to do, he was very happy with his website.  He’d had it professionally designed and he said that people had complimented him on the design.  He was very proud, he told me, that when you typed his business name into a search, his site came up first.  When I asked him what he typed into the search box, he told me that he typed his exact business name.  Okay.  Here we go…

Despite all the hype out there about social media, it still seems that most small businesses don’t really understand about search, SEO and the Web 2.0 mentality.  Most people still believe that if you build a website, people will come and when they don’t, the business owner will jump on their bandwagon to denounce social media and how it doesn’t work.  Now I love what I do.  I love being able to explain to someone what social media is and what it can help you accomplish as part of your entire marketing strategy.  So I smiled, took a deep breath and dove right in.

I explained to my client that while it used to be that you could design a website and then sit and wait for your potential customers to come to you (the all-knowing businessman who will lead them in the right direction), it doesn’t work that way anymore.  I tried to explain that at it’s most basic level, the Internet was created to disseminate information to the masses but was initially very static and inactive. It was traditional marketing 101, with the seller doing the talking and the potential customer doing the listening.  That was Web1.0.  Today, in the age of Web 2.0, social media incorporates many different technologies to allow people to connect, share, critique, offer opinions, insights and reviews, not only with the businesses themselves, but with other people who will hopefully become advocates of your business.  It’s no longer enough to create a website and wait.  You need to blog, network, share, create content and video and build a large and well-respected social network community. So how can you go about implementing a Web 2.0 marketing strategy? Follow these simple steps:

  • Create a plan: As with any endeavor, you need to know where you’re going. You need to determine who your audience is, what your objectives are and come up with a strategy to put it all into place.
  • Join the conversation: Advertising is no longer a one-way street. With Web 2.0, if you join the conversation, you will encourage others to do so as well. There are many ways to join in: blogging, tagging, bookmarking, commenting, sharing. And as with any good conversation, you must listen when others speak.
  • Provide quality content: If you share good quality content — video, pictures, tutorials, you will be rewarded. Remember that Web 2.0 is not about the sales pitch. You need to be remarkable, be interesting and have something to offer your audience that they can then share with others.

After I explained marketing in the age of Web 2.0, I really think my client understood what I was trying to say.  We were then able to discuss the different social networks out there that could benefit his business and how getting involved in the conversation should not be feared but embraced.  We ended the meeting on a great note, with a step-by-step social media plan in place to bring his business online and create more engagement and with his clients and hopefully more online visibility.   He left the meeting happy – that is until next time when I try to explain marketing in the age of Web 3.0.

Melissa Reyes Joins Social Media Madness As A Featured Contributor

Social Media Madness, along with ADR Social Media Development, is so excited to announce that Melissa Reyes, owner of the Social Amateur, will be joining our team as a regular contributor to this blog.  The Social Amateur emerged out of Melissa’s passion for social media marketing and her desire to help others navigate this tricky online marketing world. Melissa’s writing is a wonderful mix of how-to’s, insights,  answers and resources geared toward helping small businesses create and implement an effective social media strategy.  Her authenticity and genuine love for helping others is evident each of her posts.  Please help me welcome Melissa to Social Media Madness. I know that we will all benefit from her presence.

More About Melissa Reyes… In Her Own Words

Hi! I’m Melissa. I’m a mom, a Twitter addict, a full-time social media manager at a professional trade association and the owner of Social Amateur, a strategic consulting company focused on helping small businesses navigate the world of social media marketing and connect with clients.

My background is in graphic design, copy writing and marketing. I have been fortunate to work with amazing and extremely creative minds, in both major companies and small businesses, over the past 10 years. From large sports franchises and major medical centers to small local start-ups and independent contractors, I have helped businesses build their brands, connect with their clients and succeed, even in challenging markets.

Social Amateur was born out of my passion for social media marketing, and the desire to share my experience and knowledge with small business owners and professionals. I love helping small businesses develop and execute winning marketing campaigns, and I believe that social media is an integral piece of an effective strategy.

Ok, so why the name Social Amateur? I guess I could call myself an “expert, or “guru,” but the truth is that social media is a big. Really big. And growing every day. There are new networks, new algorithms and new technologies every day. Even with years of experience in inbound marketing, I still learn something new every day. I don’t know it all, but I believe that you don’t need to be an expert to make social media marketing work for you and your business. You just need someone to help you learn, develop a plan, execute and grow. And that’s where we come in.